Harghita Ski Region is waiting for you!

As a unique initiative in the whole country, through collaboration between Harghita County Council and the administration of the county’s ski slopes, the „Harghita Ski Region” has been succesfully established. Currently, the Ski Region consists of four different ski slopes: the „Lobogó”, which can be found at Băile Homorod, the „Veresvirág” at Ciumani, and the „Havas Bucsin” together with the „Bogdan”, that can be found at Bucin Pass. These ski slopes, located within a distance of 100 kilometers, can easily be approached through the „DN12” „DN13A” and „DN13B” national roads. Besides skiing, you have the opportunity to try some further leisure activities, you can admire the silence and wildness of the landscape, and you have the opportunity to enjoy the gastronomic wonders of the region.

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